Episode 87: Wade Lightheart Part 2: Tackling Gluten, Food Sensitivities, Leaky Gut, Enzyme Timing, Personal Probiotics, Eating Habits, HCL And Bile, Listening To Your Body, And More!

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Dec 17

Welcome to Episode 87 of The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, hosted by Melanie Avalon, author of What When Wine Diet: Lose Weight And Feel Great With Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, And Wine and Gin Stephens, author of Delay, Don't Deny: Living An Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

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Episode 84: Optimizing Digestion With Wade Lightheart: The Digestive Process, Enzymes, HCL, Raw Vs. Cooked Foods, Acid Reflux, Aging And Longevity, Probiotics, Diet Adaptation, Protein Digestion, Pesticides, Proteolytic Enzymes, Serrapeptase, And More!

What's The Deal With Gluten?

The History Of Gluten

Breaking Down Gluten - Is Everyone Sensitive?

The Enzyme That Breaks Down Gluten! (Gluten Gaurdian)

Gluten Gaurdian: This product contains a special gluten-digesting enzyme, so you can eat gluten with less damage! Get it at bioptimizers.com/ifpodcast20

Ancient Vs. Modern Grains - Why Is Gluten Such A Problem Today?

Enzyme Nutrition (Dr. Edward Howell) 

Listener Q&A: Michelle - If I'm Gluten Sensitive, Can I Contain Normal Amounts Of Gluten Foods Without Reactions? Will I Still Be Sensitive To Wheat?

Healing The Gut Microbiome For Better Digestion 

What Causes Food Sensitivities?

Gluten And Leaky Gut

Listener Q&A: Rosie - When To Take Enzymes, HCL, And Probioticis?

The Connection Between Fasting And Enzymes

Listener Q&A: Rosie - Do Enzymes Or Probiotics Need To Be Taken Forever? (Enzymes And Probiotics From Foods Vs. Supplements)

Can You Take Too Many Enzymes Or Digest Things Too Much? Can You Have Too Little Or Too Much Fiber?

Do You Need Less Food With Enzymes? (Calories Vs. Nutrients)

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side Of The All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser

How Modern Food Is Engineered To Keep Us Wanting More

Environmental Cues And Eating

Melanie's Blog On The Popcorn Study: Why You Eat Things You Don’t Even Like

Listener Q&A: Rosie - Do The Supplements Interfere With Medications/ Vitamins?

Listener Q&A: Jennifer - Are Probiotics One Size Fits All? Do You Need To Do Gut Mapping?

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Listening To Your Body

Listener Q&A: Sara - Are Enzymes Involved In Gall Bladder And Fat Digestion?

Listener Q&A: A. - Does HCL Need Adequate Bile Flow?

HCL Breakthrough: Solve stomach acid issues to properly digest your food! Get it at bioptimizers.com/ifpodcast20

The Role Of Minerals And Magnesium

Do Enzymes Need Enteric Coatings?


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