Episode 42: Weird (Actual) Problems Part II: Popping Joints, Eye Straining, Being Cold, Chills, Feet Falling Asleep, Gas And Bloating, Nausea, Motion Sickness

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Feb 05


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Welcome to Episode 42 of The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, hosted by Melanie Avalon, author of What When Wine Diet: Lose Weight And Feel Great With Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, And Wine and Gin Stephens, author of Delay, Don't Deny: Living An Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

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Weird Problem: Liz  - Eye Straining And Popping Joints

Weird Problem: Julie  - Cold Hands During Fast

Weird Problem: Dana  - Cold Hands During End Of Fast

Weird Problem: Jessica  - Cold/Chills Around Hour 18

Weird Problem: Mary Lee  - Cold Thighs At Night

Weird Problem: Amanda  - Sometimes Very Hot After Eating, Otherwise Always Cold

Weird Problem: Kristen  - Insomnia And Cold

Weird Problem: Bridget  - Cold In Early To Mid Afternoon

Episode 23: 16:8 vs. OMAD, Cold While Fasting, Stubborn Fat, Cellulite, IF & Brain Function, All Day Social Events, Cram It In Or Space It Out?

Weird Problem: Lauren  - Hands And Feet Falling Asleep

Weird Problem: Yoland  - Gas And Bloating From Eating

Weird Problem: Nancy  - Weight Fluctuations And Intestinal Issues Despite Eating The Same Thing

Weird Problem: Lorilynn  - Gassy At Night

Weird Problem: Lauren  - Graphic #2s 

Melanie's Post: Breaking Free From SIBO: My IBS Story And “Cure”

Melanie's Post: Is Your IBS Caused By SIBO? Get ALL The Info!

Melanie's Free Guides For Digestive Problems

Episode 33: IF Supplement Guide, Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics, Digestive Support, The Source Of Cravings, Tips For Boredom Munchies, And More!

Episode 40: IF & Human Growth Hormone, Fiber, Juice Fasting, Breastfeeding, Calorie Restriction Vs. Dieting, And More!

Weird Problem: Trish  - Nasuea In AM and After Exercise

Weird Problem: Linda  - Nasuea After Eating

Weird Problem: Aravind  - Motion Sickness

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