Episode 75: Grocery Shopping Habits, Bodybuilding, Gluten-Free/Paleo Meals, Sleep And Hunger, IF & Antibiotics, Finding The Perfect Window, And More!



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Sep 24

Welcome to Episode 75 of The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, hosted by Melanie Avalon, author of What When Wine Diet: Lose Weight And Feel Great With Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, And Wine and Gin Stephens, author of Delay, Don't Deny: Living An Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

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Listener Q&A: Karin - How To  Break The Habit Of Buying Too Many Groceries?

Listener Q&A: Erin - Reduced Fluid Retention And Calmness With IF! And Should I Break My Fast With A Smaller Meal?

Listener Q&A: Colt - Best IF Approach For Body Building Competition? Should I Boost Metabolism With A Period Of High Carb Constant Eating? Should You Cycle Off IF For Metabolic Boost?

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Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation (Ori Hofmekler): A very detailed look at dietary and exercise principals to build lean, hard muscle for health and longevity.

LeanGains Website

Melanie's Epic Keto Blog Post

Listener Q&A: Carolina - Should You Eat After Not Sleeping Well? Should You Do IF While Taking Antibiotics?

Listener Q&A: Jen - How Do I Find The Perfect 5 Hour Window?


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