Episode 31: Fat Storage & Burning Science, Low Fat For Weight Loss, “Healthy” Fats, Desk Job Windows, Time Between Eating, IF Math & Ratios



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Nov 20

Welcome to Episode 31 of The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, hosted by Melanie Avalon, author of What When Wine Diet: Lose Weight And Feel Great With Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, And Wine and Gin Stephens, author of Delay, Don't Deny: Living An Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

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Listener Q&A: Rachel - What's The Best Window For The Average Person With A Desk Job?

Listener Q&A: Dee - How Are Fat Stores Accessed If You Eat Consistently?

Listener Q&A: Kathy - How Do "Healthy" Fats Affect Fat Burning? Would Low Fat Be Better For Weight Loss?

Listener Q&A: Anne - Where Does Burned Fat Go? 

Jason Fung: Who needs to avoid Fat Bombs and BPC?

TED TALK: The Mathematics Of Weight Loss (Ruben Meerman)

Chris Masterjohn: The Biochemistry of Why Insulin Doesn’t Make You Fat 

Fruits, Starches, And Legumes

What Is A Fruit?

Listener Q&A: Hector - Does The Time Between Meals In The Eating Window Count As Fasting?

Listener Q&A: Nathan - How Do The Cumulative Effects Of Continues Daily Fasting Compare To 5:2 Fasts?


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Chris Masterjohn: The Biochemistry of Why Insulin Doesn’t Make You Fat 


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BUY Delay Don't Deny: Living An Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle and Feast Without Fear: Food and the Delay, Don't Deny Lifestyle

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